Automated data enrichment and verification

Validate and enrich the data customers share with you by comparing it against Information from a number of different sources

Use Sikoia to surface a wide range of enrichment data, fill in missing attributes, flag inconsistencies, and provide intelligent recommendations on how to resolve them.

Single Integration Point

Access a wide range of point enrichment data via a single ponit of integration

Consistent Data Format

Get access to all your information across markets in a normalised format with the Sikoia Common Data Model

Simple Alerts

Set up alerts to get notified of inaccurate or inconsistent data


The unified data platform for financial services

360° Client Data Portal

Low Code Workflow Builder

Common Data Model

Data and API Marketplace

The four pillars of the Sikoia platform: 360° Client Data Portal and API, Low Code Workflow Builder, Common Data Model, and Data and API Marketplace.

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