Faster new market entry

International data sources are fragmented. Your system doesn't have to be.

Use Sikoia to instantly integrate with local data sources without needing to negotiate new pricing contracts or amend your internal data model or systems.

Relevant Data Sources

Get instant access to locally relevant data to ensure you can make the best decisions for customers in your new market

Consistent Data Format

Get access to all your information across markets in a normalised format with the Sikoia Common Data Model

Faster Time to Market

Add a new provider with just a few clicks without the need to put a new commercial agreement in place

Local Compliance

Our system has the tools to implement any compliance or regulatory checks that you may need


The unified data platform for financial services

360° Client Data Portal

Low Code Workflow Builder

Common Data Model

Data and API Marketplace

The four pillars of the Sikoia platform: 360° Client Data Portal and API, Low Code Workflow Builder, Common Data Model, and Data and API Marketplace.

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