Multiple financial data and API providers, like Open Banking and Credit Score sources, channelled through the Sikoia Output API.

Plug-and-play the latest financial innovations​

  • Accelerate integrations
  • Reduce dependencies
  • Expand capabilities easily

Access any source using our turnkey agreements, or bring your own API keys. Sikoia’s Common Data Models make adding or swapping data sources and back-end systems painless

Sikoia Data Capabilities

Immediately enrich your data to build a full understanding of your customers and significantly enhance your existing workflows, from onboarding, KYC/KYB, through to risk decisioning

Sikoia API Partners

One integration, one customer experience, one common data model 1,000s of workflows that can be built on top

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Our partnership programme connects technology and data providers to the wider financial services ecosystem

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Weighing up the Options

A table comparing Sikoia, Internal Builds, and Consultancies against metrics like Scalability and Total Cost of Ownership.