Quick and seamless client onboarding

Offer customers a smooth digital onboarding experience to improve conversion.

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Use Sikoia to seamlessly integrate AML and KYC capabilities and create an onboarding process that is simple for customers while remaining compliant with your regulatory needs.

Enhance Flexibility

Adjust your Customer Onboarding flow to meet your needs using the Sikoia Workflow Builder

Ensure Security

Get real-time information from leading AML and KYC providers

Reduce Costs

Remove the need for manual data and document checks

Improve Conversion

Minimise manual touchpoints by automating data retrieval and analysis


The unified data platform for financial services

360° Client Data Portal

Low Code Workflow Builder

Common Data Model

Data and API Marketplace

The four pillars of the Sikoia platform: 360° Client Data Portal and API, Low Code Workflow Builder, Common Data Model, and Data and API Marketplace.

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