Sikoia Client Data Portal, showing Workflow Results and Customer Records

Smarter credit decisioning

Get a clear view of your customers to ensure you're offering them the right credit at the right time.

Use Sikoia to set up customised credit decisioning workflows and action data from both traditional credit bureaus and alternative underwriting data providers.

Faster Decisioning

Automate your decisioning workflow and maintain real-time access to key data sources

Quicker Testing

Test new credit decisioning workflows and data sources quickly using version controls

Better Customer View

Visualise and review all of your customer data in a single
easy-to-use portal

Greater satisfaction

Offer customers a faster and more personalised credit decision than the competiton


The unified data platform for financial services

360° Client Data Portal

Low Code Workflow Builder

Common Data Model

Data and API Marketplace

The four pillars of the Sikoia platform: 360° Client Data Portal and API, Low Code Workflow Builder, Common Data Model, and Data and API Marketplace.

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